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When parking a motorcycle in a parking lot, usually it is best to back into the space. Backing into the parking space allows the rider to leave the space easier, with a better view of any other moving vehicles.  When parking curbside, most states have laws stating the proper way to park – the most common says the motorcycle’s rear wheel should touch the curb and the motorcycle itself should be perpendicular to the curb.

Kickstand Disk (Puck) 

You never know when you will need to park your bike on a soft surface, be it grass, sand or loose gravel.  For that reason you should allows carry a kickstand puck.

A puck is a small plastic disk you slip under your kickstand that gives a wider area to support you bike.  If you plan on going on tours, you will definitely need one because you never know where you will need to park.

Many hotels/motels use soft asphalt to pave their parking lots.  Your kickstand will sink into that stuff in no time flat.

Most motorcycle rallies will give you a puck for free so there is no need to pay $5 – $7 at the dealer.  Or if you’ll e-mail Leslie Kay’s Insurance, she’ll send you one.  If you are in a pinch, just use a crushed soda can.

When parking on asphalt in hot temperatures or on any unpaved surface, it can be useful to use a kickstand puck.  Usually your circular disc (a little larger than a soup can lid), a kickstand puck helps spread out the weight of the motorcycle over a larger surface.  This prevents the kickstand from sinking into the soft asphalt.  Without a puck, the kickstand will quickly bite into the asphalt when the weather is warm. This can leave ugly marks on a driveway and can even lead to the motorcycle falling over.  When parking on gravel, sand or dirt the same rules apply.  Don’t leave home without one.


Bring the motorcycle to a complete stop and shift into neutral.  Turn the ignition key to the off, lock or park position, lower the kickstand and turn the handlebars to the far left.  Switch the fuel control valve to the off position.  To dismount the motorcycle, squeeze the front brake with the right hand.  With the left foot planted flat on the ground, swing the right leg back over.  Remember to always mount and dismount the motorcycle from the left side of the vehicle (toward the kickstand and away from the hot exhaust pipe).

NOTE:  Don’t forget to pick up your Kickstand Puck when you leave!





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  • joe cruz says:

    In that last picture, where and how is the puck stored. I don’t have saddle bags on my current scooter and have no way to carry mine unless I stick in my jacket somewhere.

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